May 6, 2009

The sequel is a good summer read, so the spring is for the first book...

First came Go Ask Mom - Stories from the upper bunk, then The World According to Gabe - Stories from the lower bunk.

I have finished the third book in the series, titled:
The Gabriel World Book of Records - Stories from the tree house and am presently working on fourth.

This is a planned six book series. Happy Reading!


Anita said...

Hi Justin, Terra and I are blogging buddies!! She told me my 11 year old would likely enjoy this book, so I'm sure I'll be searching for it and maybe reading it with him this summer. I miss reading books with him, 11 is too independent.
Terra is the bomb!

Justin Matott said...

Hi Anita, thanks for commenting. I remember 11 with my boys, tough, they get so independent. I think these books are fun to read with those kiddoes. It will remind you of your own childhood and hopefully amuse your son. Florida is one of the states I really want to visit in the next year for my school visits. All it takes is a good PTA mom, principal who wants some inspiration and fun and a librarian who gets behind it.... that's all. If you'd like the books autographed go to my website for them and be sure to let me know your son's name to personalize. Enjoy the ocean, I am insanely jealous!