May 4, 2009

Offer to my readers

I am very excited to have the new book out and have had great response by the pre-readers!

The World According to Gabe is OUT and if you liked the adventures in Go Ask Mom, I think you will LOVE them in this book.

If you would like to get an autographed copy, please go to my website ( and order it now ($21).

If you are a book club and want to get the kiddoes started on
Go Ask Mom, please indicate so
and I will make your book club an offer you can't refuse: F
or instance: a book club orders 10 copies of The World According to Gabe, you will receive 10 copies of Go Ask Mom at 50% off or something creative like that (you tell me what works best for your club). Also, the first book club (in the Denver metro area) to order in this fashion can contact me to come and meet the book club to discuss the books and I will share a sneak peak of the third book in the series: The Gabriel World Book of Records, which is finished and shipped off to the editor!

I will be posting more excerpts from the book here on my blog, so stay tuned!


christenfuzzy said...

Hi Uncle Justin! It's Fuzzy...aka Christen. So I read GO ASK MOM when it first came out but I just now decided to look at your website and behold I found your blog! So now I've also decided to stay intune with it. But anyways it looks like the second book has already come out I just have to go find it. :) I promise to stay in touch. BTW...I loved GO ASK MOM.

Justin Matott said...

HEY FUZZY! Good to hear from you! I am so glad you loved Go Ask Mom! You can find my new book on my website or Tell your dad to check it out! Have you and Dom read The Diary of a Wimpy Kids yet? Very funny! Keep in touch!

Uncle J