May 29, 2009


Here is the amazing power of the internet: yesterday I twittered that I would donate 100 books to a charity for 2 tix to the Nuggets/Lakers playoff and within four hours I had two tix and the books will go to a good cause!

My son and I are going to the Nuggets Playoff against the Lakers tonight!
Thank you Terra!

What a great time we will have!
Nuggets are PURE GOLD, but what the heck is a Laker anyway?


Terra said...

The "Lake"rs just might have to DROWN right?

Anita said...

Ok I have to ask, what part did Terra play in this little experiment??

Justin Matott said...

I posted a message that I would donate 100 autographed books to the charity of choice, hoping someone in twitterland would come to my aid and Terra just happened to have a major connection. It was a blast to be at the final with my son, even if the Nuggets didn't win!


Bonnie said...

Isn't Terra awesome?? So sad about the Nuggets.

Paige said...

Yes, isn't it good to know Terra! So, where did you decide to donate the books? What a great idea.

Justin Matott said...

I believe the books will go to the Kemp Foundation. I love thinking of my work being appreciated and used to further a great cause.