January 20, 2012


This was posted today at the "fan" page on Facebook for me and my books, thought it was worth asking here too... 
"We need YOUR help! Justin Matott's books were just picked up by a very large Distribution group and the sales people are about to hit the streets hard. But what really needs to happen is local bookstores need to become aware of Matott's books, SO, that is where YOU come in. Would you please the next time you are in your local bookstore, be it a chain or a local ask them to bring in some of his books? You won't be obligated to purchase them and once they are the shelves they should show the book store owners that they will have some perennial sellers on their hands. If you'd like more information, please email me at andy@justinmatott.com. Thank you in advance and also, please SHARE this on your wall if you would..."

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