November 29, 2010


Day 23 Brought to you by the letter W!

Wannabe Wacky Walter Werewolf Whimpers When Wasps Wacked Wimpy, Wallflower Wesley Wallaby Who Walloped Waltzing Willameena Walrus While Walking With Wagons Waywardly Westward Wanting Warmhearted Wahoo Wailer’s Walkingsticks & Walkmans When Warbirds Warbled While Warriors Went Wacko.

Alliterated Alphabetical Animals are catching on. At the Facebook page, they are chiming in already, check it out!/pages/The-Works-of-Justin-Matott/213624096290

1 comment:

Laurie said...

Well-Wishers Wager Wads, Watching Wise, Worthy Wally Wombat Wiggle Wildly, Working…Working…Working…Walloping Weightlifting Win, Whopping Wrecked, Weepy, Wretched, Whiney, Wimpy Wombat Whippersnappers.