November 8, 2010


For the next 26 days I will be attempting to alliterate animals in sentences containing no words not in alliteration and still make sense.

Alliterated Alphabetical Animals!

Day 1

Antsy Alice Alligator always acts attentively angry at arrogant Alex!

Alliterated Alphabetical Animals are catching on. At the Facebook page, they are chiming in already, check it out!/pages/The-Works-of-Justin-Matott/213624096290


Terra said...

what a challenge...Can I play along? and blog about it?

Fun Fun....

An animated antelope added arithmetic after assembling an afghan.

Justin Matott said...

Always Awesome And Add Another At Any Apportunity... hmmmm

Please do blog and twitter it, maybe it's a new way to write!

I am going to read your manuscript tonight, SO many things came up lately, sheesh, but good stuff

thoughts said...

Hi, My sister sent me the link to your blog and told me something about an author looking for somebody to illustrate a childrens book? She said to look in the comments, but i was unable to find what she was talking me at lurban24(at)gmail(dot)com?