October 6, 2010



Every so often a guy just has to google himself. I was looking for some reviews to send to an agent I am corresponding with and came across this page on amazon.com

This book sells for $19 and though there are dangerously few of the first book in the series, who would expect to spend five times that? Sure, it is a limited printing and will someday be worth more because I plan to be really famous.

I mean, it is being reillustrated and will come out with a totally different look, so the original is harder and harder to find, but come on, the cheapest copy is $113????? The most expensive is $201.67???? AND they are all used.

You can still get it on my website for $19 plus $3 for shipping, but I am thinking of selling the last two cases I have on amazon for $99.99 each, what do you think?

Is there something I don't know? Did the author expire? Back to googling to see what is going on!


Terra said...

Holy smokes. No offense - but seriously...I get it, but I have to admit I have never bought a book ABOVE list price...though I am not a collector and I don't pay attn much to that, since you haven't expired yet or anything...I think I am going to take my copy and put it in a glass case on a high shelf and preserve it so that when you do I can sell it for BANK! Just kidding. I like the book, I want to keep it...

Paige said...

Wow! What do you suppose I could get for the couple of copies I have that are SIGNED by the author and that are brand new?

Hollie said...

WOW! I just happen to have several signed copies. Sure, they are slightly "loved"--but who knew they were collectors items! Maybe I can fund my book budget for the year....;-)