October 20, 2010

What could be more gratifying to an author...

than to attend a Holiday Boutique event to meet, greet and sign books for little readers and be able to watch child after child literally plop down on the floor amidst busy shoppers to dive right in to the book they chose? I do this every year to remind me of just who it is I write for. This year's most popular titles have been the mix and match aliens and it's 1728 alien combination mix and match feature (next up Pooches All Mixed Up!) and for my older readers the new Gabe installment, The Gabriel Book of World Records is being VERY well received!

I am jazzed up by the responses and am busy at work at my next two to publish! Please watch my website www.justinmatott.com for announcements and add me as a friend on Facebook and Twitter!



Bonnie said...

Hi Justin,

It's been a while since I visited your blog! I get so busy these days.
This looks like so much fun. Kids will love it!

How is your little IG... Was it Tootsie?

We discovered one of our IG's must be part Whippet because he weighs 25lbs now! His name is Max. The female is only about 11lbs but of course she still rules the roost. haha

Paige said...

Yep, my 8 year old still loves this Aliens books and I'm still (anxiously) waiting for you dog book to come out, I just know my niece is going to love it!

Justin Matott said...

Hi Bonnie, Tootsie is doing well! Wow 25 lbs, that is a BIG IG! I hope your boys are great!

Paige, so glad the Aliens book is being enjoyed there. The illustrator sent me some new dogs for the book and it is going up on the iPad too! SOON!