December 22, 2011

Outdoor chandeliers

Outdoor chandeliers

I walked out my front door
'twas time to take a run
the air bit, oh so cold
but bundled up, it might be fun...

then something caught my eye
it sparkled in the sun's ray
amazing what the cold might do
to brighten up your day!


Kelly said...


Bonnie said...

You always find the most amazing things in nature!

I have a question. My son loves your book "When I was a Boy I dreamed". You autographed it for him at his school. He tells me there is a little mouse on each page. There are a couple of pages where we can't find it. Is it really on every page?

Thank you for the wonderful stories!

Justin Matott said...

Hi Bonnie, the world is amazing... so much to see!

There is a mouse on EVERY page in that book. I can help if you'd like. Just let me know which pages you are having trouble finding it.

Bonnie said...

Thanks Justin,

Now that I know for sure we will continue the hunt! I may need to get out some stronger glasses. haha

tech teacher said...

Wow, that is beautiful!
Happy Holidays to you Justin.

Mrs. Wagner said...