October 7, 2009

dentophobia - Fear of the dentist



Having logged many hours in the dentist chair over the years, I know that the fear of dentists is real. I included the video to bring levity to it. It is the drill that is the worst. I asked my dentist last time I was there, when, with all of the technology available to us today, will they make a drill that doesn't make that awful sound. He just shrugged and told me I didn't have to worry about it. NO CAVITIES!!!!!!!!!

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Loretta said...

Hi, Justin! Not only kids suffer from dental phobia, but also adults. One cause of dental phobia may be from bad dental experiences. These include painful dental visits and some others. Sometimes, media may also affect us by showing footages of dental surgery, which in effect may cause fear and doubts.

My daughter Sandy was afraid of dentist when she was 10 years old. When we moved in to Tennessee, a Bartlett dentist was referred to me by my sister. I had a hard time to convince Sandy to visit the dentist at first. But then, we went to the dentist in Bartlett, TN things changed. Before the operation began, the dentist made her feel at ease. The procedure was successful and since then, Sandy had coped up with her dental fear.