June 9, 2009

A teacher who made an impact!



Recently I was interviewed for an online site that I felt had some relevance. I have been working on a book about teachers for teachers for some time now and somewhat casually brought up my sixth grade teacher (I am using his influence in book 4 of the Go Ask Mom series). Teachers can have an awesome impact, negative and positive, sometimes both. This particular teacher did in my life.

If you had a teacher who influenced you in a way that has shaped a bit of your life, send him or her a letter. Particularly the good ones. They love the encouragement of knowing they had a place of impact... I should know, I let my middle school social studies teacher know and a wonderful story came out of it (stay tuned) and I should further know because I used to listen to my parents (both teachers) talking about the students who "came back" to let them know what they had done to influence them. Also, I am married to a teacher and at the end of this past school year she had a small stream of high school students in her middle school classroom who came back to let her know they still thought of her. It makes a big difference!


Kelly said...

I'm a former grade school teacher (who is planning to go back teaching someday) who does appreciate when students show their appreciation!
I just wrote a letter to my fifth grade teacher who recently retired. It was fun retelling all the great things she did for me!

Justin Matott said...

Kelly, that is GREAT! I wish everyone would thank those who work so hard in the teaching profession. Did you get a chance to read the link? I would love to hear what you as a teacher think of the potential impact a book with this style of story would have for classroom teachers.

Thanks for leaving a comment!

Paige said...

I read the link, and I think that is a great article! I love learning more and more about you.

I too am a teacher and love it when my students come back to see me. I have one student from about 13 years ago, she calls me about once a year and fills me in on her accomplishments, I love getting those calls. Of course its also nice to hear I am one of her favorite teachers, and she manages to say that to me in each phone call. I'm proud of the fact that I left such an impact on someone.

I'm anxious to see your "reminders to teachers" book, what a great idea. I think new teachers especially could benefit from something like this to truly grasp the impact they might leave on their students.

Justin Matott said...

Paige, I didn't know you were a teacher. Makes sense though. I am sure you influenced many in the same way, you are such a warm person.

Your girls are so fortunate to have a mom who understands how to teach every day in new and fun ways!


Suzanne Casamento said...

I had an English teacher in high school who always encouraged me to write. She insisted that I had that special something when I didn't believe it.

After I published my first story, I sent her a copy of the magazine and note thanking her for her encouragement. I wanted her to know that I never forgot how special she was.

She wrote back saying that she was about to retire and the timing of my thank you couldn't have been better. I felt great about that.

Justin Matott said...

HI Suzanne, that is SO cool that you did that! What do you write?

My mom and dad always had students coming back to tell them of their wonderful influence. It would make my dad choke up and he was the classic crotchety professor, just soft inside...