June 6, 2009

Is it just me, or was that cloud looking back at me?

Last night, while working at my desk (pushed up to a window in my office) and writing about two boys in my Go Ask Mom series, lying on their backs talking about what they see in the clouds, I looked out to see this awesome sunset tinged cloud. I saw a face, do you?


Bonnie said...

I do see a face. We have had some really interesting clouds lately, feel like I'm back in Kansas.

I can't remember if I thanked you for sending the CD. We are still listening to it in the car. It's great. We love it!

ps. We got our 2nd IG on Sunday. What were we thinking?? haha You can see Max here.

Joey said...

Hi, I'm Joey...just wanted you to know that I had no idea who you were when you left a comment on my blog. Now I do. Thank you! I have a 7 year old grandson who will love reading your books! It also made my day to think that someone who actually is a writer likes what I write about every now and then.

Love the clouds!