March 25, 2011

ideas for the book I am writing?

I am writing a passage (two chapters) in the ongoing saga of Gabriel Peters and in it, during a slumber party an argument begins about what is the BEST and what is the WORST! It centers mostly on food and I am looking for ideas from readers.

SO, here is an example; "The best breakfast is Malto Meal!" "The worst thing on a sandwich is Miracle Whip!"

Please chime in!


Terra said...

Besides the fact that I am a HUGE fan of Miracle whip on a sandwich...

I think Breakfast for dinner is the best and tuna casserole is the worst

Justin Matott said...

Terra, tell me it isn't true!
I am not even sure I can be friends with someone who would touch that nasty nasty nasty mechanical tasting goo! heh heh, okay, one exception, you.

laura said... tuna sandwiches here ever, and for breakfast...Fruit Loops with Marshmallows!

connielcarlson said...

I would have to agree, as a kid (Chocolate) Malto Meal was my favorite. Now as I am older that has been replaced with a banana. If I want to get fancy I just add some peanut butter to that.
Worst thing on a sandwich would have to be pickle loaf, yuck! Favorite as a kid and one at heart is the famous Peanut butter and honey.