May 5, 2010

The Gabriel World Book of Records, coming this summer!

Justin Matott has teamed up with David Schiedt again (previously collaborated on Drinking Fountain Joe) for the third book in the Go Ask Mom series! With a new vision for design and illustration, it seems Gabriel had taken the reins here and through Mr. Schiedt is drawing us in to the new book. There will be 6 books the series and a comic book series as well, based on Glenn The Sea Monkey, who makes his first appearance in the third book titled The Gabriel World Book of Records - Stories from the tree house. If you haven't read the first two, it will make for great summer reading as a family or for those young uns.

The books will and are available on line at


Terra said...

That is super exciting. I can't wait!

Paige said...

We loved the first book and the second one is in our list for our next mother/daughter read aloud. Great cover for number 3!