July 21, 2009

WOW, what a month!

This month has cruised by. SO many things have happened and I haven't blogged about one of them! I wrote a book in the past three weeks called SWIM WIT DA FISHIES. I have never written something so fast and been so happy with it.

It is a funny chapter book all taking place under the sea. I am considering some research trips to Tahiti, Australia, Hawaii and beyond. I might need a research assistant to do some scuba diving and possibly take in much of the local colors, sights, sounds and tastes.

I am also gearing up to go on the Amazing Race. My team hasn't been accepted yet, but I am planning for it with positive intentions!

I hope YOUR summer is going well. Colorado is particularly beautiful this year because of an unusual amount of rainfall in June.

Cheers, Justin M


nikki said...

Glad to see I'm not the only one falling behind on the blogging as of late! How's the critter count coming along? :-)

Justin Matott said...

Hi Nikki, after catching two birds in a row, one that was the saddest little story, I have put it on ice for a little bit. I saw that the new trap had been sprung at the end of my lawn, but thought it was someone bumping it because it appeared as though nothing was in it (90+ degree day). That evening I discovered a mourning dove was hunkered down, hungry, thirsty, HOT! Nearby her mate watched intently. As I let her go, she and he flew to my roof and sat there for hours as she recuperated from a terrible day. Happy to report they did eventually fly off not too much worse for the wear, but after catching a frantic robin the week before and now this, I have given it pause. However, there is this one squirrel... Cheers, Justin